Privacy policy

1.   Introduction

DigiView Nordics AB (hereinafter referred to as “DigiView”) is committed to protecting your privacy and wants to ensure that your personal data is processed correctly and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. Acceptance of this Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) is an act of consent and means that you accept DigiView’s processing of your personal data.

2.   Application of the Privacy Policy

2.1 Extent

This Privacy Policy applies to our customers and their end customers, our suppliers and other business partners.

DigiView’s privacy policy governs how we collect and process personal data for our business, which includes handling personal data to market our customers to their target groups/potential customers (the “Service”).

The policy also regulates the handling of personal data for individuals of the parties to whom DigiView has a business relationship, such as suppliers and partners.

3.   Processing of personal data

DigiView’s handling of personal data is described below.

3.1 For DigiView’s customer`s users/end customers

3.1.1 The purposes of processing personal data

Personal data is processed only for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. If you choose not to provide us with certain personal information, it may affect the Service. DigiView processes personal data only in that extent that it is necessary for the service or for other purposes as set forth below. This also applies to sensitive personal data.

DigiView processes your personal information in order to:

  1. a) provide the Service to our customers and offer you the opportunity to be a part of the Service,
  2. b) administer our relationship with our and in some cases contact you with newsletters, marketing or promotional materials and other information that may be of interest to you. You can choose to remove some or all of these messages from us by following the “unsubscribe” link or the instructions in an email we send,
  3. c) to optimise our customers’ results and help them reach their target groups.

3.1.2 Personal data

By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you agree that DigiView processes your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Below you will find information about what kind of personal data DigiView processes and how we can get/collect this information. Users/End Customers

The personal data DigiView processes about you is based on the information our customers provide to DigiView via our website, application or through contact with our staff for provision of the Service.

The personal data that we may process of you includes for example names, addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone number and app-ID.

DigiView may also ask you to provide additional personal information, but in such cases, you will be given special approval. Such personal data provided/processed by special approval will also be covered by this Privacy Policy. Customer companies

DigiView may process personal data of contact persons. Such information consists for example, of name, address, position, area of responsivities, and other necessary information for provision and follow-up of the service and to enable future business relationships. Suppliers and collaborators

DigiView may process the personal data of contact persons and other employees. Such personal information consists of the information specified under and and other information necessary for the provision and follow-up of the Service, to ensure a good delivery of services to DigiView and to enable future business relationships.

3.2 Saving of personal data

How long a personal data is stored depends on the personal data and the purpose of its processing. DigiView does not store personal data for longer than is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected.

As a general rule, DigiView will save personal data relating to:

Information according to paragraph concerning our customers and their end customers during the current year and thereafter five (5) years;

Customer and supplier agreements and information on business events, during the contract period and then ten (10) years.

4.   Cookies and analytics services

4.1 Cookies

DigiView uses cookies on our website. A cookie is a small text file that the website sends to you and save on your computer or other unit that you use to. We use cookies to optimise your experience on our website. The information obtained via cookies can also be used for marketing and communication.

DigiView use re-marketing services to advertise on third party websites to you after you have visited our service. We, and our third-party vendors, use cookies to inform, optimise and serve ads based on your previous visits to our Service.

4.2 Analyst services

On our website, we use analytics services provided by third parties. These analytics services collect, among other things, your IP address and information about usage and traffic to our website to help us develop and customise our products and services better.

4.3 Links to third parties

Our service may contain links to other websites that is not operated by us. If you click on a third party link, you will be redirected to the third party website. We have no control over and take no responsibility for the content, confidentiality or privacy policies or practices of any third party website or service.

5. The protection of personal data

DigiView has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. DigiView employees are bound by confidentiality and are required to comply DigiView’s rules for information and IT security and this Privacy Policy.

6.  Sharing of personal data to third parties

DigiView will not sell, disclose or spread personal data to third parties, except as provided in this Privacy Policy. In the context of the Service, personal data may will be disclosed to a customer, supplier, subcontractor or partner if necessary for the performance and provision of the Service.

DigiView may also disclose your personal data to other third parties, such as DigiView’s suppliers for our operations, for example for administration, technical support, operation of IT systems. Parties to which DigiView may disclose personal data may be outside the European Economic Are (EES), which means that personal data may be transferred to countries outside the EES. If DigiView disclose personal data to a supplier outside the EES, we will take actions to ensure that the personal data remains protected and also take the measures required to legally transfer personal data to countries outside EES.

Furthermore, we may disclose personal data if we are obliged to do so under applicable law, court decisions or if such a disclosure otherwise are necessary to contribute to a legal investigation. In the event that DigiView is subject to a reorganisation, merger or sale, we may transfer personal data to the relevant third party, provided that the third party undertakes to process the personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

7.   DigiView as personal data assistant

DigiView is personal data controller for certain personal data, but there are situations where DigiView is not a personal data controller but a personal data assistant for third parties.

When DigiView processes personal data as a personal data assistant it is done on behalf of a third party and DigiView is then bound by the instructions that DigiView received from the personal data controller. In these situations, we cannot guarantee that such treatment will be in accordance with this Privacy Policy, but DigiView will always ensure that treatment is conducted in accordance with applicable legislation and, as far as possible, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

8.   Your rights

You, as an individual, have the right, free of charge, after writing a signed application to DigiView, to be informed of the personal data that DigiView processes about you and information about the scope and purpose of such treatment.

You, as an individual also have the right to request that we block, delete or correct your personal information. You always have the right to revoke a given consent and announce that you oppose continued processing of your personal data.

9. Changes to this Privacy Policy

DigiView reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. The date of the most recent changes is stated at the end of the Privacy Policy. If we make any changes to the Privacy Policy, we will post these changes on the website.

If you have any questions about our handling of personal data, please contact Andreas Bengtsson, CEO, DigiView Nordics AB, at

Last updated 2020-11-10.