Yes, we are a media and creative agency in one

A nordic digital marketing agency, passionate about data-driven marketing performance and business growth



We are a constellation of hungry pioneers and digital front runners with one common vision: To challenge the marketing industry while we are creating a workplace for the next generation. 

We believe that digital marketing should be profitable and your company’s core for growth. Therefore, our passion is about understanding your entire business and prioritize to locate where digital marketing will provide the greatest value for your investment.

So here we are, one independent team of full-fledged digital competence driven by your growth and customer experience, promising to challenge your marketing perspective in order for you to make better business decisions. 

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About us

We are a Nordic digital marketing agency, passionate about data-driven marketing performance and business growth. Through years of expertise in marketing strategy, creativity and data excellence we have gathered the most innovative marketing wizards in the industry to help companies like yours break new ground through digital customer journeys in social media, search, display & online video. 



Our collaboration philosophy is designed to help you achieve sustainable growth on a short and long-term basis by focusing on four critical building blocks:

100% data driven

A data and science centric approach in any strategic decision making

100% transparent

Total transparency in order to learn together and build long term relationships

100% independent

Media advisory that provide actual value for business, not to our advantage 

100% quality

A dynamic extension to your existing marketing team that pursues excellence

Recoordinate group

DigiView is part of Recoordinate group, a consultancy group focusing on customer experience management, business intelligence and agile transformation. 

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