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The mission

Each year Lensway rolls out their summer/fall campaign NORR, which promotes a free pair of sunglasses from the brand NORR when purchasing contact lenses online.

Our mission was to design and distribute the NORR campaign cross Sweden and Norway and effectively drive the target audiences through full funnel with a main focus on conversion. In addition to the strategy and distribution, the NORR campaign also aimed to be set through a zero measurement in brand awareness through a brand lift study.

The main objectives were to increase sales of contact lenses, contribute to issuing 25,000 pair of sunglasses and finally, increase the awareness regarding the NORR campaign offer throughout the three months of the campaign period.




The main objective of the campaign was to maximize sales with existing and new customers. In addition to this, the ambition was to become top of mind, extend the reach and optimize throughout the entire campaign period. This was built on three steps of the customer journey: awareness, consideration and conversion and where each phase of the funnel synchronized for best possible outcome as it effectively drove the target audience throughout the short conversion cycle. The awareness around the offer was communicated at the first point of contact. Moving forward, to grab the target audience’s attention, the communication was angled based on their unique shopping behavior and purchase intention.


Concept creation

The concept was comprised of attention grabbing content, agile format utilization of the ad placements different elements and cognitive adjustment accordingly to the unique behaviors of the target audiences by platform. Initially, the communication was focused on rational values with a consistent exposure of the brand Lensway. Secondly, the communication shifted to the emotional values, which also separated factors of recognition between contact lenses and sunglasses to drive the right type of engagement in the conversion phase. The campaign consisted of hundreds of ad formats, designed in a summer theme, which was distributed throughout of Norway and Sweden. In addition, the content was tailored adjusted per market, phase in the funnel, target audience, format, channel and placement.



The distribution strategy focused on applying our full potential through relevant channels, placements and functions, which were Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Initially, the customer journey began with broad target audiences at the awareness stage, highlighting the brand and offer. The audiences were engaged and allocated with different ads on sunglasses or contact lenses with the purpose of segmenting relevant messages for each target audience down in the conversion phase. Further, we adjusted the existing email content in Messenger, sponsored unique YouTube ads, which were tailored to watching behaviors and keywords, and created ads that were custom after real time events, such as, weather or the holiday season. Moreover, retargeting ads were added as a complement to the distribution strategy. The target audience for this group were non-buyers and previous buyers of Lensway. The ambition was to remind the audiences to take advantage of the offer again along with exposing them with dynamic product ads (DPA), which are synchronized with their unique website behavior.

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