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The mission

O’Learys is a Swedish franchise chain with an American sport bar/restaurant concept. The chain was founded by Jonas Reinholdsson and the first restaurant was opened November 16, 1988, at Basargatan 10 in Gothemburg. In December 2017, the company had a total of 126 restaurants in 13 countries.

DigiVIew began the journey with O’Learys back in early 2014. By successful investment with several local franchisee, DigiView gained the privilege in managing O’Leary’s Nordic social media campaigns with the main objective to increase O’Leary’s overall sales and business growth. One component of the collaboration was to implement a scalable technical structure for all 100+ restaurants with the intention to effectively increase brand awareness and sales on a local, national and Nordic level as a whole. 



Franchise strategy

The strategy had an ambition to synchronize the communication activity in awareness, engagement and reach between O’Learys Trademark entity with the daughter franchisee locally. The strategy was founded on clear guidelines, which all applied to the companies cohesiveness, the communication of the brand and policies on how the united front would engage in social media. Further, the strategy was composed of O’Learys Trademark’s overall goals and objectives, strategic and technical operation methods, unique target audiences for local as well as Nordic application and measurement reporting. In order to attract and increase relevant engagement, the core foundation of the audiences was built on three specific focus behavior areas: individuals interested of sport, food and drinks and students.


Technical structure for 120+ restaurants

It was crucial to steer the marketing strategy from central point of O’Learys Trademark due to the many franchisee operating on both local and Nordic levels. The main objectives for this effort was to have the right preconditions to drive the sales of hamburgers and gift cards, along with measuring the investments offline. This was made possible through creating ad accounts, pixel set ups and other technical tracking systems throughout all local franchisees in order to accurately measure the performance.


International campaign management

DigiView managed and optimized all campaigns according to the strategy, ad plan and  content which was distributed primary during launch and holiday seasons. This collaboration included to internationally distribute the various campaigns on a Nordic level (Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland) pursuantly with the strategy. In order to reach the best possible return on investment, optimizing for relevant target audiences was an ongoing activity. Further, this was based on the comprehensive analysis on the customer database lists, existing target audiences, followers, website traffic, previous reservations and lookalike audiences. Due to the complete solution that was custom made for O’Learys Trademark and their franchises, we were able to measure the revenue offline.

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