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Unique people has been exposed to the brand and our offers over 11 million times
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Increase of leads since the first campaign

The mission

Epicenter reached out to DigiView during their expansion over four markets; Stockholm, Amsterdam, Oslo and Helsinki. Epicenter had a varied brand awareness over the different markets and needed help packaging a scalable framework to drive business through social media based on the markets different needs and conditions. The objectives with the partnership was to increase the brand awareness on both national and international level, create a smart method on prospecting, engage new and current members and finally drive leads within all business areas – spaces, events, members, campus and living.




The strategy was based in two categories: 1) Amsterdam, Oslo and Helsinki and 2) Stockholm. The focus area for Amsterdam, Oslo and Helsinki was the upper funnel to increase brand awareness for Epicenter to finally generate new clients and leads within memberships and spaces. For Stockholm we wanted to focus on maintain and expand with the purpose to increase product knowledge for campus and living targeting previous and current clients since spaces was at full capacity. Beyond generating leads to new and existing members we also wanted to engage the community of Epicenter by focusing on event, members and thought leadership. The strategy is based on full funnel targeting including audiences, channel structure, content, distribution plan and KPI:s for all markets.


Concept creation

The creative frame work for Epicenter was created to package the different offers; spaces, event, members, campus and living with a clear structured communication platform for both paid and organic marketing. We did this by categorizing interest within the different business areas; Brand, Spaces, Campus, Living, New members, Member stories, Hosted events, Community events, Thought leadership, Tech and magic & Knowledge. 

We packaged Epicenter by creating a structure for the brand awareness and designed unique graphic frameworks for the different areas. Every business area got a designated color from the Epicenter color palette and icons were designed to create recognition when targeted by the different messages. The framework continue to include ongoing development of hypotheses and A/B-tests to see how the markets react differently to the ads. Some of the A/B tests include local language versus english, emotional versus rational messages and how the engagement can differ with content including people or not.



The distribution is based on a complete prospecting model for all markets where choosing relevant platforms and ad placements based on behaviour is the foundation for our data collection. Initially focus is on broad and data based lookalike audiences through high reach and frequency of the brand Epicenter to ensure that qualified audiences are taken for further processing. Further down in the funnel we broaden the platforms and keep processing the interests of the audience based on different USP´s within all business areas to finally convert our warmest leads with individual call to actions for both new and current members. The distribution is all about continuously meeting the customer in the sale cycle which is longer within B2B where we need to process the audience over time. For Epicenter specifically LinkedIn is a very important channel with functions to target specific professions, roles and industries but also Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for further exposure where the target group is located.

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